Monday, August 31, 2009

Comfortable Seats at the Theatre

...are what you may be needing if the script writers aren't up to the task. When I found out NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro (see previous post about re: literary analysis) was going to be made into a movie, starring Keira Knightly, my first thought was cool - second thought - what will the characters be doing the whole time?

I did what any intelligent person would do, zipped off to google, did a search, and checked out what other intelligent people thought about this. I found someone who agrees; the success of the movie will have a lot to do with the script.

The success of the uncanniness I wrote about in my analysis (previous post) depends greatly on reader, in this case audience, patience. What do we know about movie going audiences today? Not so patient. Perhaps things are different in England, where the film will be released in April...

And the lack of ending? Now there is a whole 'nother problem.

**spoiler alert**
In addition to the fact that there are no kick ass moments when Kathy, the main character, does something awesome, the end is a bit of a downer. And its not like the audience can be set up for NEVER LET ME GO 2 - because everybody dies. And they don't die trying to get away for the bad thing that's going to happen, they die because its what they were meant to do.
Hmmm...have fun, script writers, making that sympathic.

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