Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Data analysis of very, very small study on swearing

The data I gathered correlated with the literature I reviewed. Fortunately, I was able to adjust my research to allow the three sources to influence each other. This allowed me to slightly alter the focus of my research as I discovered the connection I sought.

With the exception of 1 55-75 year-old male and 1 15-35 year-old female, the responses of the individuals I interviewed matched the data I collected from the self surveys.

The responses of the personal interviews tightly correlated to the assertion that taboo word use peaks during the teen years with a gradual decline following. Additionally, the responses of the personal interviews correlated with Jay’s work which states that taboo word use if linked with speaker emotion.

With the exception of the fact that one of my female age groups has a higher taboo word use number than the corresponding male group, each prong of my data supports the other two prongs (the literature correlates to both the self surveys and personal interviews, as does the personal interview correlate to both the literature and self-survey, for example.)

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