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Washington Square Review, summer 2022, out now

A town square is an open, public space, conceptualized to be the heart of a community. Here at the Washington Square Review, we see our name as a signpost that unifies location and purpose: a literary journal to serve as a meeting point for the many different people, ideas and artistic expressions that make up our community. In the Washington Square Review, we come together to explore and understand the words and worlds we can share when we value creative expression as a commons for us all. Last year, Lansing Community College's ENGL department relaunched the Washington Square Review, LCC’s own literary journal. The journal is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook.  We are again accepting submissions and planning the  publication of our second issue.  In the past, the journal was limited to the LCC community. We have expanded submissions to include writers and artists beyond that limited community and are accepting submissions from all writers and artists. Expanding

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