Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Solstice MFA Graduate Melissa Ford Lucken Publishes Her First Nonfiction Book

The Solstice Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program of Pine Manor College celebrates the publication of graduate Melissa Ford Lucken's newest book, The Binge Watcher's Guide to Riverdale: An Unofficial Companion from Riverdale Avenue Books. Melissa, as her alias Isabelle Drake, has released many fiction titles, such as Everglades Wildfire, The Invitations Series, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Finally Right, Unfinished Business, and many more. 

This title is her first nonfiction book. In a world where binge watching television shows is almost a cultural expectation, it can be difficult to keep track of which character did what five episodes—and seven hours—ago. The online resources don't cut it (spoiler alert!), and your viewing buddies are of no help to you; they're just as lost as you are. Never fear! The Binge Watcher's Guide has got you covered. 

Enjoy the first four seasons of CW's hit gothic horror show Riverdale with this book as your unofficial companion for trivia, quotes, episode commentaries, literary analysis, and even connections to the comics that inspired the show. This fun and interactive experience will keep you informed and entertained throughout the entirety of your viewing journey.


As an undergraduate institution consistently ranked among the most diverse in the country, Pine Manor College emphasizes an inclusive, community-building approach to liberal arts education. The Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program reflects the College’s overall mission by creating a supportive, welcoming environment in which writers of all backgrounds are encouraged to take creative risks. We strive to instill in our students an appreciation for the value of community-building and community service, and see engagement with the literary arts not only as a means to personal fulfillment but also as an instrument for social justice and real cultural change.
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Quintin Collins
Solstice MFA Assistant Director 

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